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Outbound fax coming in partial page

Good afternoon everyone.   I was wondering if anyone had any experience using the My Fax application.   Currently one of our customer is using the service to send outbound faxes directly from their EMR application.   The majority of the fax numbers associated with the EMR application they send to are coming through without a problem.   There is one fax number (which I believe to be an analog line) when sending , the EMR application shows the fax sends and completes the send however only partial pages are coming through.   This is only happening with 1 fax line out of the rest.   According to the vendor they did state this.

"Good afternoon. Pls note that this change reflects ALL faxes sent. In our experience, this raises a few additional issues:
1) Additional Support Calls in to our team as to why the failed confirmations are delayed (ie could take up to 30 minutes to produce a failed confirmation)
2) If the line we are dialing is of poor quality and cuts off multiple times mid transmission, we will still try multiple times to deliver that fax meaning that they would receive partial faxes…."

Where specifically can I look to find out where the break is happening?   Is there a way to verify if the line quality is poor?  Or if not, and the fax is making it to the destination could the drop happen on the way they are processing the inbound transmission on their end?

Here is some additional information from the vendor..

I have investigated and tested the number ***********. Please find my findings and recommendation below:
Actions taken to Validate:
1.      Made multiple test calls to test line quality and settings.
2.      Searched for the number provider.
3.      Reviewed historical outbound records to determine the last date/time an attempt was made to connect to ***********.
Result of Test
-          The fax line has static noises.
-          It rang 5 times before the line picked up
-          It is a VoIP line provided by Verizon
-          It has a call waiting feature and will keep on ringing until the line is free again.
-          Last fax attempt made was on 8/26/2019 @ 8:32:03 am ET
1.      Advise recipient to turn off call waiting to get the actual real result when number is dialed.
2.      Ask for an alternate number.
3.      User_ID *****  is set up to make 3 fax attempts before it gives a delivery report. We can increased your number of retries to increase the chance of a successful transmission but there is no guarantee of a 100% success.
4.      Advise recipient to report reception issue to their service provider that CSID ***** is having issue sending faxes. Provider can make route changes or adjustments to improve line quality.
I have attached a copy of a 30 day outbound history for user id ***** highlighted the traffic to *****.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Of course everyone is pointing fingers at everyone so I am not sure where to go from here.   I would greatly appreciate any additional assistance from the experts.  :)
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It truly is up to the recipient to fix their problem. You are probably not the only one that has problems sending fax's to them
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center Engineer


Agreed.  I am there however (being paid to be there) to coordinate everyone.   The most I can have everyone do is check logs.   I was just wondering if anyone has seen this issue before.
Andrew N. KowtaloSupport Center Engineer


I was told its a Brother Intellifax 2840.  Has anyone seen issues with this device?
Support Center Engineer
I bypassed our sender's network and asked the provider to send an efax directly to the analog unit.  The fail occurred as well.   There is a problem with the way the signal is coming to the unit.  Analog to Analog work perfectly fine.   They escalated the issue and will report back to me with findings in a couple of days.