How to install renewed SSL on Amazon EC2 instance

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hi guys

I have an EC2 AWS instance running apache. We previously bought SSL certificates and had them installed. They have now expired. We renewed them with Godaddy.

I want to install them on the server, but I can't seem to find the location where they need to go. One of our techies who has left may have played with the http.conf file but I am unable to work this out.

Can someone give advice on how to work on this?

Thank you
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You'll start in your Apache config, then follow the trail through all the config files will you find where the SSL cert is declared.

This can take a fair bit of time.

Another approach is to search for all the *.cert files on your machine, so if this common naming convention is used for cert files, you can likely locate them.

If worse comes to worse you can always do this...

1) In one window, run inotifywait -mrq /etc > suspects.txt

2) In another window, run service apache2 reload

3) CNTL-C in #1 window

4) Review the suspects.txt file to determine every config file + SSL cert file involved with Apache starting up.

Note: Your service name might be different than apache2. Might be httpd or http or apache. Each Distro can be slightly different.
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Glad you got this working!

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