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App development for small business

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Last Modified: 2019-10-17
Can anyone give me an idea what would it take to develop an app (IoS, Android) for a small liquor store deli?  Owner wants to put an app for pre-ordering and deliveries.  I think its too much tho.  
Any other ideas?  Thanks!!
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Distinguished Expert 2019
If a client asked my advice on this, I'd start with money questions.

Primarily what monthly income... data shows... an App like this might produce.

Then development questions revolve around income/profit, rather than vanity of just having an App.
Eoin OSullivanConsultant

Apps typically cost several thousand to develop for even the most basic app if you're paying a development company.  

Some other approaches might be to look at what software system they are using to manage the small liquor store deli.  Some software systems have apps which allow online orders or support enquiries / orders via web-based forms.

If there is a web-based form you can simply put an app wrapper on the webform and publish it as an app .. that can often cost a lot less.  A web-wrapper app can be built for a few hundred minimum and there are lots of services out there to do that.

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