Machine freezing and only accessible via iDrac (also Windows updates dont work)

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Machine freezing unable to access shared drives, have to access via iDrac

Standalone physical server Windows 2012 Standard

Also unable to perform windows updates on the machine

I have event logs for the times, any event IDs in particular to look out for (any one see something similar, thanks)
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There are far too many events to list.

Are there any warning events or error events preceeding the crash ?

Are there any warning events or error events when running windows update ?


Windows updates is stuck at 0% i have stopped windows updates services and rebooted, same thing

Granted there is a lot going on, but it doesnt sound like you have seen this before anyway, thanks again
Well, I've seen machines freeze, and I've seen machine "stall" on Windows updates, and I've seen machine run out of system resources when running Windows updates, but I don't keep a log of "interesting" event log messages.

Is Windows Updates running against WSUS, or direct to Microsoft ?

Have you tried clearing the Windows updates cache ?

If you disable Windows updates, do you still experience the "freezing" ?


Thanks I cleared the software distribution still the same

Also tried netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

No proxy setup

They have WSUS, any thing else to try? thanks again
You might try changing it to go to Microsoft direct instead of WSUS, but I'm going to guess that there would be no improvement.

I would suggest disabling Windows Update for a while (twice the length of time since the last freeze) and see if the freezing still occurs, if it does, then you will know that the two are not related.

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