Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrade?

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Hi guys, we have some windows 7 machines here that i want to see if they can upgrade to 10 or not.

Is there a tool for this that checks to see if it is upgradeable?
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Yes, there is a Microsoft Program to test your Windows 7 PCs that you want to upgrade.  You can google it or go to Microsoft and search for Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor.

If you access the Accessibility upgrade, you can get the Windows 10 Creator tool to upgrade them for free.


I couldnt find that tool
If you are running Windows 7 SP1 - you should already have the Get Windows 10 app on your taskbar,  Check Windows 7 updates to see if it was hidden.
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David Johnson

If you do it from that link you have to buy a Win 10 License.  

You can get Legit keys from


I just want to "Test" not actually do it though.
Check out this link about testing compatibility

If you have lots of hard drive space  and at least 8 gig of Ram   - you could install a Virtual Machine copy of Win 10  to see what runs and what
"You can get Legit keys from"
I would be VERY cautious about anyone selling keys at a big discount.  Very likely not legit.
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You can go through the upgrade process right up until the compatibility check is completed without committing to the upgrade. Just click Cancel or the X in the top right of the upgrade window when you've discovered what you want to know and the setup will clean up after itself and exit without further ado.
"I would be VERY cautious about anyone selling keys at a big discount.  Very likely not legit. "

I thought so too but MS Licensing says they are legit bulk resellers.  You have to log in to Microsoft in order to activate then keys

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