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I have recently been charged with the support of the Mac community within our business.

Traditionally (and as previously recommended by an Apple support vendor) new Macs were registered using the assigned user's personal Apple ID. This, as can be expected is now causing issues, especially when Macs transfer between users or users leave the company.

I'd like to understand how other companies are handling this issue so we can create a sustainable policy moving forward.

As a bonus, I'd love to know if there is an option for users to separate/transfer business-related items from a personal Apple ID to an assigned business Apple ID.

Your expert advice would be much appreciated and valued.
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At the company I work (30-40 mac users) we use one Apple ID on my name that is connected to the company's credit card. We use it for software updates from Apple and also various bought software. Some times I have to buy family versions, or multiple copies. I never give away the password to the users, but do the managing myself. And just to be on the safe side I change the password frequently.

Users can, if they want, log into App store in their own name on their own Apple ID but it seems to me very infrequent.

The thing here is that we cannot have users manage software on the computers, connected to the companies credit card. People come and go.


Thanks for the input. That model seems to make sense to us and is one we will be following.

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