How to let person know that I am in a call when they try to ring

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I have a Samsung Note 9 phone.

Sometimes I would get a call from someone while being in a call already with another person.

The person trying to call me never knows that I was in a call with someone else so don't ring back.

To the person trying to ring me, their phone rings for a bit and then goes to voicemail.

I would like to have the person trying to call me in this situation given a message saying "person in a call" or busy.

Is there a setting for this on Note 9 phone?

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nociSoftware Engineer
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I think you can refuse the call with an SMS being sent.
I have no Samsung anymore, at least my S5-mini could do that.
Jackie Man IT Manager
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There is no such built-in function of your phone as the user needs to tell the system what messages should be sent while you are having a call.

If you want auto-reply, try a third-party app like the one below. But, there is no guarantee that it will work for all Android phones.

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