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Windows 10 users are not getting restart is required notifications

Sahap Yuzer
Sahap Yuzer asked
Windows 10 users do not get notification saying that the computer need a reboot, or the forced reboot "will restart in xxx min" after certain days set in the GPO.
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Michael B. SmithManaging Consultant

Then you have a GPO under Windows Update, Windows Update for Business, Maintenance Schedule, or Intune Windows 10 Update Ring policy that conflicts.

Unfortunately, they all inter-relate in very interesting ways. What does gpresult say?


I run gpresult and the report shows correct GPO with WSUS settings are applied. We'll have to do more research on it. It may be something to do with the Win10 built version.

Thank you for responding to my question.
We'll do more research but we can close this question.