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Please please can I have a DEFINITIVE answer:

I(f I am running exchange 2010 and above, with the program files on c drive and database on d drive, using default exchange values, will the mail flow be disrupted when the disk (c or d) gets to 10% or below
If not, will the disruption just depend on how much physical disk space there is for log files, database data etc and not on a % cut off

Can someone please give me a precise answer on this
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In Exchange 2010 the default low disk space threshold for the disk where the database and/or log files reside is 1GB.  If the available free disk space goes below that threshold, the email delivery will stop.  Here's a quote directly from the article cited below:

"When the Exchange store detects that the space available on a log or database drive is below 1 GB, it cuts off all transport delivery to that database. This is to prevent a disk running out of space. When a disk runs out of space, the database can't be mounted or debugged. The database space also can't be reclaimed. This is a self-protecting mechanism that only occurs if you don't react to the space issue warnings from your monitoring infrastructure."

For further explanation/info, the full article:

So, in other words, the key to preventing this from happening is to make sure you pay attention to any event log warnings indicating you are reaching the low disk space threshold before it gets to the point where email delivery is no longer possible.

The C: drive space threshold warnings at 10% are a different issue entirely and having nothing to do directly with Exchange.  These warning are to prevent your server from crashing due to low disk space on the C: drive where the system files and swap files reside.


Very clear and very fast


Thanks for this - very clear and just what I needed

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