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i have seen the incoming cables from outside connected to the mccb device here  directly from the meter panel and its rated under 63a, my question here is I  don't know how much  amp it comes from the  service line which only stated 415v incoming. so this mccb 63a  user to convert the volt from outside becomes 63a or to only allow my house getting  accces with 63a ?
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems
Not an electrician, but I'm comfortable saying your circuit breaker box is not converting between amperage and voltage.  I expect the 63a is a maximum for the box, not necessarily what it typically draws.
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Voltage and Amperage are two entirely different items i.e.
Voltage is like a garden hose compared to a sewer pipe
Current is the pressure in the pipe.
Then we also have Watts which is current times voltage

63A is the maximum cumulative current that can be drawn from any downstream devices

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