Airplane Mode on Windows 10 laptop can't be turned off

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We have a Dell Latitude E5430 laptop with Windows 10 installed on it.

Someone's child was using the laptop and now the laptop seems like it is forever in Airplane Mode.

When clicking on "Wi-Fi", it turns to ON for 2 seconds then turns off as Airplane Mode is on.

Airplane Mode is set to "ON" and the option for clicking on "Airplane Mode" is greyed out and can't be clicked on.

We would like to try and fix the WiFi as it worked before this.

I have done the following to try and fix this issue:

1. Connected with Ethernet cable to internet (Internet works fine this way but shows Airplane Mode still on)
2. Updated laptop with most recent Windows 10 updates
3. Updated driver for "Airplane Mode Switch Collection"
4. Updated driver for  WiFi network adapter we use
5. In "Device Manager", disabled then re-enabled "Airplane Mode Switch Collection"
6. In "Device Manager", checked off option for WiFi network adapter we use; "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
7. Uninstalled "Airplane Mode Switch Collection" then restarted laptop to reinstall this software
8. Uninstalled WiFi network adapter we use then restarted laptop to reinstall this software
9. Tried using Network troubleshooter but no solution

Any ideas on what could be done to fix this WiFi issue?

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18. wireless switch

You have a wireless switch front left of the laptop, turn it on.

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What Alex said. Those wireless switches are very easy to bump.

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