PDF files attached to emails are downloaded with random extension

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I have a client who receives reports from their insurance provider in pdf format.  The client uses Yahoo email.  When she clicks on the download icon the pdf file is downloaded without the pdf extension.  The file gets saved with a random number as the extension.  Example: Filename.618.  If we rename the file by removing the .number, changing it to .pdf we can open the file.  

Has anyone seen this before?
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This is a function of the insurance company.

I have one credit card company which downloads a 32 byte random number with no extension, so I rename each file when downloaded.

1) You can either rename at download time or after download.

2) If you're adept at coding, you could switch to using FireFox + the GreaseMonkey extension + force adding the .pdf extension at download time.

And... this would be a lot of work.

3) What I'm starting to do is just download the files, then after downloading one or many, run a script that reads the files + renames them for by the statement source + date. For example...


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If you have 100s or 1000s of files to download, writing a rename script may save a great deal of time.


That is what I was thinking but on the email the attachment is recognized as a pdf file and the user claims she never had an issue before.

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