Need a range booster or repeater for a Cisco Meraki MR32 or different AP

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This one customer has a single Cisco Meraki MR32. Now he needs better coverage. I am no wireless guru but I guess the reason they got this was because they need multiple SSIDs and the killer..... the option to isolate every wireless client from each other so no one can see any other devices. They are probably going to need a total of three Access Points to give them good coverage so I guess I need either a repeater/booster for their existing one or need to go to another manufacture that makes access points that have these capabilities.
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My opinion is that repeaters/boosters are not way to go.

Generally, what is needed is x Access points that can be centrally managed (with or without WLC). On most of business class APs there is an option to disable communication between users in guest VLAN (including Meraki MR32 - option is guest isolation). MR32 should support multiple SSIDs (don't create too much SSIDs per AP to avoid too much control traffic).

There are autonomous APs on market with integrated controllers (as Aruba IAP), cloud controlled etc...
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Agree with Justin, the MR32 can do what you want, you should be getting about 27 thousand square feet of coverage, If you need more simply add more access points?

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As a rule I use Ubiquiti. It supports multiple SSIDs and has guest isolation (to a degree) but doesn't, to my knowledge, offer isolation between two clients connected to the same SSID. Would live to simply add more Access Points. Ubiquiti makes it a piece of cake and transparent when moving between building but the isolation between clients on the same SSID isn't there. Nobody knows of one that will do this kind of client isolation?

27000 sq ft is good but the building is much, much bigger.....

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