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I Can't remove this smart search default page from Google Chrome

Italiabella asked
Hello i keep getting this smart search page as default. i deleted and reinstalled google Chrome but its still there.

is this an infection. I run Malwarebytes but it didn't detect anything. ( see attached pic).

Can someone send me step by step instructions on how to remove it please.

Thank you,smart search default page
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Principal Software Engineer
When you deleted Chrome it is likely that your preferences and settings were not deleted.  When Chrome was reinstalled, it saw the old settings and adopted them.

If this is your "home page" (the first page you see when the browser starts up), change the home page.  See the page below for a description of how to do that:


(Open a specific page or set of pages) and enter "about:blank" manually as the new home page.

Alternatively, if this is your default search engine and you are not happy with that, change the default search engine per the instructions on the page below:

navigate to the page you want to use as a start-up page when you open chrome, then close all other tabs

click the 3 dots on upper left of address bar

select Settings ―> scroll down to On start-up ―> click on ―> Use current pages

close chrome and restart
Good advice above, but I'll add one more possibility.

Some of these programs will add themselves to the command line of the icon you use to run the browser.  Be sure to check for that (right-click on the icon, left-click on Properties, look at the end of the Target field.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions. today I will be in front that computer and try everything you said and then i will keep you posted.

Thank you again,


the suggestion provided doesn’t work. search mine is still here.
compprob can you explain step by step to to do it please ? thank you
right-click on the icon you use to start Google Chrome
left-click on Properties
look at the end of the Target field: does it mention the search page or does it end with: chrome.exe"  ?
first, open a new tab in your browser and type in www.google.com

second, please post a screenshot of what you see


I found a great 12 minutes video that explain how to get rid of this  searchmine infection. the guy type 6 stings of commands in the terminal of his Mac to get rid of this infection. the problem I can read the commands. I tried to google them but I can’t fjnd them anywhere. these are 6 lines of commands to type in the terminal of a Mac to get rid of the searchmine that infected googlechrome. I am attaching a pic. can someone help me to find these commands so I can read them clearly and use them please


I don’t know how to attach a pic using an iPhone :( I don’t see any options


I pasted the video I need some help Viewing these commands so I can try them out
My apologies.  I erroneously assumed this was on a Windows computer.
There is likely something similar to what I suggested to be done on a Mac, but I'm not aware of it.


thank you Comp


ok, i found a video on your tube with 6 strings to type in the Mac terminal and with those commands i was able ot finally get rid of that Searchmine infection.

THank you everyone