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Front end for web development

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Last Modified: 2019-09-25
Which front end should I consider to use for web developement, react, Angular Vue.js or Razor view ?

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There is no answer to that question especially with the lack of detail for what you want to do.

All are good libraries / frameworks that suite a particular purpose. Each has its own followers who religiously believe their choice is the only one. As with anything in the tech industry pick what best suites you.

My personal preference is Angular - it is a framework rather than a library (which makes it more suited to some things and less to others). It is more difficult (longer) to learn than the others but having coded in React, Vue and Angular my preference is the latter.
Disclaimer: I learned Angular first so I acknowledge my bias in this regard.

My advice is to spend some time getting to know what each of the technologies list is, the basics of how it works. Then apply what you have learned to the problem you are trying to solve - not only from the perspective of the functionality you are trying to achieve but the time frames and the cost (in time) of picking up the each of the options and what direction you want to follow in the future. Weigh all of those up and make your decision on that.

It is always going to be a personal decision - nobody else can make it for you.

In future I recommend you make your questions a bit more surgical - make them specific to what you want to know about the libraries / frameworks mentioned.