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I am working as an IT Specialist for a company. I do everything from IT Helpdesk, IT Network Engineer, IT Administrator, IT Technician, Website support, and IT Security. As far as I can recollect now I do anything else for the company related to IT and to Solve any issues.

I will renew my contract soon and I would like to change my Title from IT System Engineer and IT security. Now, I am not sure how I should ask for title. Maybe IT System Engineer/IT Security. (?)

Can you please advise?

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AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

Infrastructure specialist.

Usually, if you really do everything, and you're top of the chain. you can use
IT Manager or IT Senior Manager
AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst

IT Senior Manager

*Senior IT Manager

Director, Information Systems
IT System & Security Engineer?

Frankly, the title matters for two things:  Getting other people's attention, and how it makes you feel.  Whatever you find appropriate is probably appropriate, and I would start from there.
mallonyIT Specialist


Thank you all. but Paul has a good point.

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