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Good day. I have a Data and Voice VLAN, with the PC's getting DHCP from Microsoft DHCP Server (2012) and the phones from a Linux DHCP. I want to decommission the Linux DHCP and move everything to Windows DHCP. Phones are Polycom Soundpoint IP 331, Server is 2012, Voice VLAN ID:2. Please assist to configure phones to get DHCP from Windows server.
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You need to configure a dhcp-forwarder (or "helper") on your router. between the two lans.
You need to give the windows system a leg in the VOICE VLAN.
(That is because without help a broadcast protocol like DHCP wil not  go accross any router).
The helper do catch the broadcast and then forward the query to the DHCP server and pass the answers back (again broadcasting as the DHCP client has no IP address yet).

Be sure that if the phones also need other provisioning like TFTP data you will need to supply a TFTP server somewhere. (No broadcast...)

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