Notebooks' external monitor not display Netflix

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Strange thing today.  My computer monitor messed up and just replaced it with a temp monitor.  All works fine but Netflix won't.  It gives error:

Error code: U7361-1255-C00D7159

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When searching the error, I have:

Netflix Error H7361-1255-C00D7159
If you experience the error code H7361-1255-C00D7159 on your computer, it's typically caused by using an unsupported video output method, such as a Wireless Display Adapter. Netflix is only compatible with video output methods that support content protection (DRM). To immediately stream on your computer, follow the troubleshooting steps below. To successfully watch Netflix through a video output method, contact your device manufacturer to learn which devices support DRM protection.

The strange thing is that I only change the monitor.  If I move the Netflix apps to the notebook (my computer is a notebook with an external monitor connected), it works, so it seems it's the monitor.

The setup is:
- the notebook has an USB connector
- in that connector is a Insignia USB to Hdmi and an USB cable connected to the monitor.  I had this same setup with my old monitor.

Please let me know whats going on or is it a configuration.
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Either the monitor is old and didn't have HDMI DRM yet, or it has but communicating its abilities with the USB to HDMI makes this information "disappear". You can try a monitor again, similar to the one you had.


They both has HDMI.  

The one in repair or that messed up is:
Samsung 40" LED HD TV (I think is 2012)
Model UN40D5550RF

The one with the Netfilix problem is:
Panasonic 32" Direct LED HDTV (year 2013)
Model TC-L32B6L
110 - 220 V- 50/60 Hz 65 w

(I don't have another monitor)

The chances are higher for the HDMI DRM disabled Netflix message, if you don't use a monitor, but a TV (and both of them are TV's). Since you don't have another monitor, you'll just have to wait till the repair is done.
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Don't understand, what's DRM  and aren't both units HDMI?  (sorry for my ignorance, can u explain)
Both units are HDMI. But like anything tech, there are versions and methods that change over time. A higher version HDMI (v1 vs v1.4) for instance, is the difference between HD capable, or 4K capable.
Between all the HDMI versions and methods, there was also DRM (Digital Rights Management) introduced, so that there couldn't be HDMI recorders to record a DVD or BluRay film easily by just using a splitter and a recording device.
Your second TV does NOT adhere to this standard (or it does, but the USB > HDMI converter didn't pass it on), and that's why Netflix says, NO GO, YOU MAY COPY ALL MY CONTENT.


Thank you very much! Fully understood!

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