Why ssl error only on work network

Jason Morin
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I get an ssl error when. I visit Facebook when I am in work network.  DNS by opendns via unify router.  It only happens there.  Same computer, if I try to connect using my hotspot, no error.  Connect back to work WiFi, same error.   Also all workstations get the same error, wifi or hardline.
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What error do you receive ? What browser/app ?
Check the Date/Time of your workstation, first. Second, clear SSL state .
It is likely that your workplace intercepts the connection to facebook, either to entirely block access, or to present a acceptable use warning page before allowing you to proceed,  unless those systems are trusted to impersonate other websites you would get an SSL error.
You could see this by comparing the issuer of the facebook certificate when the connection works, to when it doesn't.


Edge error is Error Code: DLG_FLAGS_INVALID_CA

Would this be set as a group policy if its a administrative block?  I am new sysadmin so I would be authorized.
In edge; when you have the DLG_FLAGS_INVALID_CA error page open, click "certificate error" (next to the address bar) then "view certificate"

What does it show for "Issued by" - this should identify what device/service is intercepting your connection.

Try Firefox. What you see as errors? For me this is something close to men in the medlee situation. But you must check the certificate  and date/time reported.

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