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Why do I not see my photos from 2017 on my system?

When I go into my Photos app, I'm seeing pictures that go back to 2017. When I look at my Storage, it says that I've got over 4 GB of photos sitting on my system. Yet when I go out to my Photo library, I'm seeing this:

Photos screenshot
Everything obvious says that the only pics I should be seeing are 2019 and that's it. I've saved everything else to another drive, but the fact that I'm still seeing pics from 2017 in the app and the fact that over 4 GB of photos are still on my system tells me that there are pics on my system that I'm not seeing.

Where else can I be looking?
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noxchoIT Product Manager
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What is the size of all photos from 2019?
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do you know the location of your photo's?
what happens if you right click a jpg file in explorer, and select the photo app to open it?
do they show then ?
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Bruce, it would be nice if you posted some info on the solution