Restructuring IT folders - Best way to do it

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I am restructuring my IT folder in my network and also tiding up access right. I thought you could advise me regarding "On how should I restructure my folders".

Can you please advice?

Best regards,
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There are a million ways to skin this cat, and most of us have our own methods that work for us.

I would treat this pretty much the same way I would treat a network share.

  • Set your top level permissions that are universal
  • Create your Folders
  • Create 2 Security Groups for those folders (RW, RO)
  • Apply the security Groups to the folders and then add members as they pertain to those security group.
Christian KAZADiIT Support Level 2

Hello Mallony,

at my side I use it like this. and you can choose what you want to shaare

      Users (Firefox, Chrome, FTP soft, etc.)
      Admin tools (RAdmin, PUTTY, Teamviewer, etc)
      Office tools (MS Office Win, MS Office MAC, Dictonary, Photoshop, etc)
        Security tools (Firewall, antivirus, etc.)

      Manual of procedure
      Network cartography
      System cartography
      Software cartography
      Other cartography

Note that temp folders are used for file you'll use for short time and you don't need in the future

By default, all must have read only permission and only W/R for you or at the best, your and people of your team
mallonyIT Specialist


Sorry guys I meant like this:

How do I organise the folders like:

Folder HR
01 - folder docs
02 - folder scan doc
03 - Passports
04 - work permit
05 - Health Insurance


Folder HR
AA - folder docs
AB - folder scan doc
AC- Passports
AD - work permit
AF- Health Insurance  

I meant organise the folder convention...any adias?
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mallonyIT Specialist


(correction)...any ideas?
IT Support Level 2
The best way to organize folders and files depends first of all on yourself. a bit like your closet. If you have to give advice on my architecture, here's what I have:

- A file for each department
- In each of the files;
   * Full published (Public accessible by all employees)
   * Half published (To share with some people appointed temporarily or long term)
   * Restricted (Restricted only to department employees)

Example for HR

Full published: It puts all the documents that can be accessed by anyone in the company "These are mainly policies, code of conduct, document for training, etc."

Half published: There are documents that HRs want to share with some people, such as executives ...

Restricted: Only for employees of the department. and there too, there are folders secured by hierarchical level.

Simply put, it is you who makes your law but just do it right and in the rules of art.
mallonyIT Specialist


I appreciate your input.
Christian KAZADiIT Support Level 2

It's a pleasure to share here...

Expert Exchange should be called INTERBRAINS or Connected brains :-)

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