S2D multiple Virtual Disks with Different configs

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Really I just want to check that what i am doing is a supported config.

I have 3 servers i use for HCI using S2D 2019.

I have 3 Virtual Disks all using 33% of the storage minus 1 spare HDD for failure(cache + ssd + hdd) seems to be working ok.

I want to add 8 1TB drives into each of the servers to create a new virtual disk that only uses cache + hdd.

The HDDs are a different model than the HDDs used in the other 3 virtual disks. I know that i should utilise only the one storage pool, but would i still be in a supported configuration, on top of that how would it know what disks to create the new virtual disk on? I dont want it to attempt to use the space capacity disks i currently have (they are 1.6tb disks) with the new ones i intend to use (1tb disks)

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

Plug the drives in. S2D cluster service will incorporate them into the pool. Only one storage pool is supported.

Once complete, you can create your virtual disk using just those disks by setting your SSD tier to "0" in your PowerShell.


There are other spare HDDs in the S2D servers though to cater for HDD failure. Would I be best to remove them disks while I create this new VD? As I don't want any data from this new Virtual Disk to be stored on them.
Technical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
As a rule we don't define hot spares. So long as there is enough free space in the pool our preference is to always parallel rebuild into free space _first_ as that can take minutes versus rebuilding into a hot spare that can take hours or more.

Best to Auto Retire and parallel rebuild first.

You could pull the spares and leave them pulled until all of the work is done.

In traditional Storage Spaces we did exactly this where we configured our pool and left one disk alone for that just-in-case situation. We still set Auto Retire to get parallel rebuilds going though.

S2D wants its hands on everything. ;)

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