Upgrade Windows 7 VM To Windows 10 On Hyper-V Fails

Keith Rotton
Keith Rotton used Ask the Experts™
Host OS - Server 2016 Standard with Hyper-V Role only.
Original VM - Windows 7 x86 Ultimate
Attempting to update to Windows 10 Pro Build 1903.
Host Server is a Dell ProLiant R430, single Xeon CPU 6GB RAM

I am attempting to upgrade a Windows 7 VM to Windows 10 and am getting the:
"this pc's processor doesn't support a critical feature (nx)"
I have had a look throug the Host's BIOS and cannot find any mention of Execute Disable, DEP etc etc that I have found looking for similar issues regarding physical updates.
Any suggestions gratefully received as I am trying to avoid having to re-install all the existing Windows 7 applications.
The upgrade worked perfectly on a physical Windows 7 Workstation.
A clean install of a Windows 10 VM works OK.
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Sounds odd.
Is the setup really win10 x86 (32 bit), too, like win7?
try this ps...

If there is no option to enable the NX or RX flag using your BIOS settings, you can try and from your existing Win 7.

Open up the ‘Performance Options’ window by

Right Click on  -My Computer-Properties,
it openst Control Panel\System and Security\System window.

Select -Advanced System Settings- this openst the ‘System Properties’ window

Go to -Advanced tab. Click the ‘Settings’ button on the Performance panel,
this will open  -Performance Options window.

Go to the ‘Data Execution Prevention’ tab.

Select the option to ‘Turn on DEP for all programs’

apply - ok

then check

all the best
Keith RottonDirector


Yes the Win10 setup is x86. The x64 setup will not run at all.
Keith RottonDirector


Setting DEP to on for all apps seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the tip.
It's a shame the MS error message cannot be a bit more helpful!

great to hear that helps .. thanks for the update... take care

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