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Experts out there, we have two separate sites with two vcenter servers.  The SSO domain name are the same as mydomain.local , but they are separate at each other.
we are thinking of configuring ELM so we can manage all sites' vcenters in a single Html page.
I came across an article today below. Is it the article which I have to follow? I mean pointing vcenter to a single SSO is the same as ELM?
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I assume you are referring to Enhanced Link Mode ? (ELM).

It's kind of similar....VMware have now removed the complexity in 6.7 (this is not possible in 6.0/6.5) of having the following:-

You currently have

1. SSO Site A
2. vCenter Server Site A

1. SSO Site B
2. vCenter Server Site B.

Traditionally Enhanced Link Mode SSO A and SSO B would be linked together in 6.0, 6.5, or even 6.7.

BUT now you can have...

1. SSO Site A
2. vCenter Server Site A

1. SSO Site B
2. vCenter Server Site B

but now you can link vCenter Server Site A to SSO Site B, as well as vCenter Server Site B.

So it can make things simpler. e.g. Single SSO!

Please note this is complex, and does go wrong, so tread very carefully before you proceed.

If you do not have a very complex infrastructure, it is often much easier to install new VCSA.....6.7, and join them rather than trying to hack them to get them to connect as Linked....

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