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This is a situation I have going on at work that’s happening to one PC.

The website uses download files that have no extensions, and what the user does is after the file downloads, clicks on the file and a window comes up asking what application to use. This is when you manually select Adobe Reader to open the file as shown in file named C.

Picture A is what you see when downloading the files in Chrome. You can see in the below left corner the files downloaded.

For some reason, when this particular user clicks on the file the window does not appear asking what application to use. Instead, the screen appears shown in file named B.
You can open the folder, and you’ll see the file that’s download, click on it then select Adobe Reader for it to work. However, the user wants this to work just as it does for other users, not have to browse to open the file.

The file does not have a set extension, and for this reason I do not believe you can associate the file with Reader.

The users the file opens with have ask where to save each file before downloading turned off, picture D, and I’ve tried this one the user that’s not working but still has same problem.
I’m clueless at the moment as to why the working users can click the unknown file in the downloaded file area in Chrome, and the window comes up asking what to do with the file, but why 1 PC does not have the window come up and has this problem.

I’ve tried clearing the cache in Chrome, uninstalled/reinstalled Chrome and Adobe Reader but same issue.

This is a website the state uses and it isn’t great. You’d think somehow the file would download itself as a PDF and you wouldn’t have to do this, but this is how the site works at the moment.
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Not sure if this makes a difference, but the PC is Windows 10 Enterprise, and the PC is fully updated.
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Seems to be a Chrome setting.
I would use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall Chrome and clean any leftover files and registry entries.
Then try a re-install.
On another note I prefer the almighty Firefox to be honest :)
The website uses download files that have no extensions
unless you know what type of file it is, then it will be hit and miss trying open the downloaded file.
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That’s what I was thinking being the extension unknown may be the big part of this issue, but I don’t have an idea why the Chrome on other PCs ask what to do w/ the file w/ the user clicks on the file after the download. However, this particular user Chrome does not ask what to do w/ the file…just get the unknown file error screen.

I’ll try the revo uninstaller and hopefully that will get Chrome working as it needs to.

I am not sure if this could be a setting in Windows?
does this occur with ALL downloaded files or just from a specific website?


just from this website.
effectively, it is very difficult to determine the type of file you downloaded without an extension (file.???)

if you know what type of file it is supposed to be (Word, image, text, executable...) then you can try (hit and miss) to find an app to open it with

This is a situation I have going on at work that’s happening to one PC.
have you downloaded this file using any OTHER PC? did you get the same result?


Well, I downloaded the latest revo uninstall portable, and somehow/someway the file now asks each time what to open the file with as it didn't before.

Guess there's some Chrome setting(s) deep in the registry or something?

This website isn't not that great, and it'd seem the file would download as a PDF in the first place if it's meant to be. Hopefully the website will figure this out sooner than later.


Thanks for the time and help
Edmond HawilaChief Operating Officer

Perfect! I'm glad that worked for you.

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