making personalized videos from a template using placeholders for users choices online

Christopher Minor
Christopher Minor used Ask the Experts™
I'm wondering if an existing video template with named placeholders allowing the user to select the options available and upload photos could be created online?
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you will have to explain your question a bit more..  Anything can be done..
Michael HurleyWeb Geek

Hi Christohper!
I can see that this is your first question posted to Experts-Exchange--WELCOME!  Would you mind elaborating on your question a bit more for us?  For example, is there a product available that is similar-but-not-exactly what you are looking for?  If not, can you provide us with how your desired outcome might look/function?
All details and additional info will help--THANKS!



I have developed a new brain training medium using videos that I want to be able to make available in personalized form. It would start with a template that would be made of video clips, audio clips, images and background music like in a slideshow. There would be audio clips and images that act like placeholders that can be replaced with the user's choices from options available, and uploaded images from the user.
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The user would be able to record audio clips online, these are used so the statements are heard in their own voice, The options they would be able to choose from are which gives them the most emotional pleasure when looking at them, the personal images will be used as identification during statements such as "Am I willing to consider" they will be seeing themselves on screen.
David FavorFractional CTO
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If I understand you're asking for a tool to stitch together any video clips + audio clips + images.

If this is correct, you're looking for as stitching you can imagine, can be implemented in ffmpeg.

That said, doing things like stitching together a single image... across multiple frames... with background music, then also stitching in other various videos... can be done... the user interface, along with the server side logic would be fairly complex.

You'll also require determining if you'll be transcoding a single video or multiple codes (h.264, h.265, VP8, VP9, Theora) along with multiple resolutions (4K/HD, 1080p/HD, 480p/mobile).

Tip: For all uploaded images + videos, archive/store the original footage, so when a new codec comes out, you can transcode the original into the new codec easily. Remember, disk space is super cheap ($500 USD for 16TB), so be sure to store all original media.

Tip: For audio codec, always use AAC as your target audio codec, as MP3 simply won't play in many cases, like many Set Top boxes will only play AAC, not MP3.

Suggestion: If this is your first time working with complex LAMP Stacks (Linux/Apache/MariaDB/PHP) along with ffmpeg transcode recipes, likely good for you to hire a few experts for an hour a piece.

Ask them how they might design this type of system.

Then roll in the intersection of all the best ideas into your design.

Note: Be sure you start in the beginning by using PHP pseudo streaming (not downloading) to serve your videos. Doing this allows 1,000s to 1,000,000s of simultaneous stream on cheap hardware. And if you pick a provisioning company like OVH, which provides unlimited bandwidth, you'll have a profitable business. If you choose tech like AWS, which charges for bandwidth, you'll likely have many surprise bills.


I want to thank you for your comment, you supplied me with enough information to allowed me to look at this project outside the box and come up with a solution using moviesmasher an open-source online video editing application. I could create a finished video using precise names in a precise directory, and just edit the file that moviesmasher uses to make the movie, to a different directory with the same files in it.
Then I just have to have the user interface for the audio recording that clips the audio to the same length, option boxes for the images they want, and a way for them to be able to upload images. Which I could do in wordpress mostly. What do you think about this idea?

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