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SCCM Windows Updates Relevant to Specific Computers.

jskfan asked
SCCM Windows Updates Relevant to Specific Computers.

I have installed and configured WSUS in SCCM.
Now I can see Windows Updates on SCCM console.  I would like to know which Updates are needed for each computer. For instance , when I select a specific Computer in the Collection, I should see which Updates are needed for that computer  then deploy them to that computer.

I used different Patch Management Software.   Where You can select a specific computer, it will show you all relevant Updates for that computer, then you can select the updates you want to push to that computer and proceed...

I know SCCM will push only to Collection of Devices instead of a single computer. I found a work around that , as I can create an Empty collection then go to a Device and add it to that Empty Collection. Now for Windows Updates relevant to a specific computer. there is not an option.. the only option I found, you can add Criteria , for instance  Product: Windows 2012, Severity: Critical , then you can deploy to a collection whatever updates you have filtered.  There might be Computers in the Collection that do not need the updates you are deploying to them.

Any Clean way in SCCM to visualize Updates Needed by a computer then deploy the Updates to that computer ?

Thank you
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RobertSystem Admin

You may already know some or all of this but in case it helps.
SCCM is more designed for you to search for relevant updates (i.e. all windows 7 updates in x period of time) then deploy them to the device collection after deployment windows determines which of those updates are needed.  (if you don't want them to actually install you can set the deadline time to a date way into the future)
After you deploy it you can then look in the monitoring section to see the deployment and click on the specific computers it is deployed ( after the scan cycle runs) and see what updates would be installed on the specific computer.


Ok Robert, let me explain to you how our Helpdesk do the Patch and Reboot with the Current Product (I will not mention its name for the sake of publicity):

They have a list of Windows Servers to Patch and Reboot everyday.
They enter the Server name ,on the search box and click find. They find the server, they will highlight it,  after they Highlight it they will see all the Updates relevant to that server in a separate pane.. then they can just sort on Critical ones and select them , Right-click and Deploy ..a pop up screen will come up to  select if they need to reboot it right after the Updates are installed or reboot it at later time.

I wonder if you can show me step by step in doing similar things in SCCM...
I know it is done differently, but what is the simplest way to do it?
 As you know Patch and Reboot in our company is not done by SCCM Engineer, but it is done by our Helpdesk.

Thank you
System Admin
There really isn't a direct correlation to what they are currently doing.
Option 1 b below would probably be closest thing I can think of to what you are currently doing.
1. create an automatic deployment rule that finds all critical patches for the used OS's and deploys them to the specified collection.
     a. you then control when they are actually deployed via the device collections maintenance window.
         In this method there would be no need for the helpdesk to do anything but check the machines after.
     b. you can set a maintenance window in past with no reoccurrence.
          i. The techs could then install them manually through software center.
2. manually search for updates you want in the software library (all software updates) and create software update groups with only the updates you want to install
    a. you would then deploy that software update group to the collection you wanted specifying the deployment options when creating.
option 2 would then proceed the same as 1 A and B above. (but adds the additional step of manually creating the software update group)


thank you