How to edit text box of PNG file type using Adobe Photoshop?

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Attached is a screenshot of a PNG file type.  In this file there is a text in the box.  Is Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 a suitable program to edit this text?
If yes, how to edit text with this program?  I've never used this program before.
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Please attach a file.

But even without the file, I can tell you, you can NEVER edit text in an output file like JPG PNG TIFF etc.
You can only edit text from an AUTHORING file (ex PSD for FULL Photoshop version)

When it's an output file, you can only edit the graphics (try to remove the text box by selecting it, removing it, replace background, then type text over it) . If the background isn't a uniform color, and doesn't have enough space around it, you can still try, but it will be noticable for the naked eye)


File is attached now.


>> try to remove the text box by selecting it, removing it, replace background, then type text over it
How?  I have never used Adobe Photoshop.   I have the attached file open in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0.
Install Paint.Net

Open the PNG file
keyboard S (or use the "square" icon in the toolbox)
Use mouse to drag a square around what you want to remove (probably the text with the white background), try it a few times until you're satisfied), press DEL
Use the paintbucket icon in the toolbox, or use keyboard F
From the color swatch, select white, from the squares, left bottom. Have the bucket icon in the square where the text was delete, click the mouse.
Use the text icon in the toolbox, or keyboard T, select black color from the color swatch
Click in somewhere on the white part and start typing. Now depending on how it looks, move the text around (probably you want it in the middle of the square, adjust font size if necessary.

You're now ready to save the file (use "save as..." instead of you want to keep the original).


Thank you for providing step by step solution.

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