Lenovo T430s over heating?

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Lenovo T430s. I've noticed it is rather warm under the top left of the computer. Even though I am using it in front of a fan. It's cooled down some as the fan blows. Actually it is the top left side more than the bottom and also the top left rear. What parts are inside the top left of the laptop? Thanks
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

As one might expect, that's where the CPU is.  In my experience, Lenovos are prone to overheating.
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The hot ends of the heat pipes and the fan. This area is where all the heat is meant to end up.
The gold thing you see at 1:25 in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4Dt_vEqsyQ is the fan/heatsink assembly, the CPU is in the middle and the gold pipe takes the heat to the top left.
Right end there is a USB port. Above those are 10 vent like small windows. Maybe those are exits for heat....
We lost another one in 2017 to over heating memory sticks which was an Nvidia issue that affected multiple brands. I removed the sticks and the local shop said they did no soldering so it was trashed. The new one was bought at a fairly low cost on Amazon and only used a few times. The warranty has expired. From that video I'd hate to have to change the motherboard of this T430s. Screws, ribbons, everywhere.

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