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I have a web customer that runs a trade school. They offer:
1) Local classroom in-person classes in San Diego
2) Local classroom classes in Phoenix
3) Online classes via the internet, where anyone anywhere in the US could take the class online.
For ONSITE SEO purposes, I am wondering what the best site(s) layout should be, meaning:
A) One Website, offering all 3 types of the above class offerings in 3 different 'silos' within the one site ...
B) One Website, using 3 SubDomains or SubFolders, one for each type of class (I seem to remember that Google loved subdomains ... or was it subfolders? Not sure if that is still google-relevant)
C) Do 3 different distinct unique Websites (not duplicates) using 3 Unique URLs, in order to specialize, and in order to use Google Local/Business that targets just 1 location each
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
Start by digging into, then go on from there.

Refer to for various types of content to markup.

Also, (Steal Our JSON-LD) provides great examples.

Tip: Every type of content can match up to one or more types of microdata markup.

Exactly how you choose your markup depends on your overall SEO strategy... in other words... are you monetized filled seats at events or articles or something else.
Fractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
Aside: Also best to work into your content mix Featured Snippet friendly markup.

If you just make all your markup Featured Snippet friendly, eventually you'll likely pickup some snippet placement in Google search.
Ugra Narayan PandeyCloud Security Expert
@David Favor Described well I just want to add something which is in today's trends on Google search.

Google Enhancements Schema Codes: Review Rating, How To, Faq, Breadcrumb

Mobile-Friendly URL: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Business Listing: Local Google Business Listing



Thanks both of you!  I am a little late getting back to you both because I've been following your links & getting re-educated on SEO.
Ugra Narayan PandeyCloud Security Expert

You are welcome

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