Pagination for Word Via Macro To Maintain Single Page-Like Focus

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Extracted a few hundred quotes from several books.  Many are Theoretical Definitions.  

Need to review them to try to extract some ideas of my own.

Best way for me is to scan through them, adding comments and highlighting key phrases and definitions.

Sample file attached.

Easiest application for me to achieve the editing portion of this work is Word.

Allows me a RANGE of definable styles, and sidebar comments.

Only problem is pagination.  Each extraction of text is just a few sentences, at best a paragraph long.  I’ve re-sized the pages to make them notecard-like.  

Trouble is, there’s no way to get them to paginate like a deck of cards.  What I mean is, frozen in one spot, with the succeeding pages and preceding pages just fulling the same area on the screen.

I’ve tried several work arounds - got some good ideas here:

Even trying ALL of these, eventually, the pages start getting out of phase, and you have page breaks in the middle of the screen.

One WAS close!  Print Preview Edit mode: it does the pagination perfectly, single stable window.  But, you can’t…add comments nor style.  Both of which are crucial as I, hopefully! :D, discover some new ideas within these existing ones.

So, here was my thinking - is there any way to write a Macro that will take either existing Page Down / Page Up keys and program them to always render the next page shown as flush against the top of the ruler?  So that, clicking the keys, the pages changing never go down AN INCREMENT, or A THIRD OF A PAGE, but always change to THE NEXT FULL PAGE, with the top of that page displayed as right against the ruler.

If not using the current Page Up / Page Down keys, any keystroke combination.  Only so that, in hitting those keys, the pages go by centered, and sort of with the same movement as an electronic deck of cards - one basically repopulating the space of the other.

In Word before 2016 this exact behavior WAS available in Read Mode.  Since 2016 Read Mode in Word suppresses editing.


Many thanks!

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You can try using this macro:

Sub ScrollDown()
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
  ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.PageScroll Down:=1
End Sub

Open in new window

This will scroll the document down one page. You can make a second macro and change the Down to Up to scroll up.  In the attached, I assigned the Crtl+Alt+Up Arrow to the page up macro. Crtl+Alt+Down Arrow to page down.



Hello Paul,

For some reason Crtl+Alt+Down Arrow & Up Arrow inverts and reverts my main monitor.  Any way to alter that to Crtl+SHIFT+Down & Up Arrow.  Or, better yet, Crtl+Shift+Page Down, Crtl+Shift+Page Up

Many thanks!

To change key shortcuts go to Options - Customize. At the bottom of that page you'll see Keyboard shortcuts. Select Customize. Under Categories, scroll down to and select Macros. Next to Save Changes In is a dropdown. Select the location where your Macros are stored. They’re either in your Normal Template or in the Current Document. You should see the macros in the Macros box. Select the ScrollDown macro. Below the Macros box is Press new shortcut key. Place your cursor there and press the desired key(s) you want to assign to that macro. When you enter the keys, underneath the Current keys box to the left you will see “Currently assigned to:” If anything appears after that it is telling you that the selected shortcut is not available. If it is blank, go to the bottom left of the page and select assign. The shortcut you entered should now run that macro.


A A A A A A A A A A MAZING!  When I think about how useful this will be I feel GRATEFUL for your help and GLAD I'm an EE subscriber.  Thanks!!!
Thank you! I'm really glad I could help!

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