How does Adsense for games revenue compare to a blog's ?

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For my phone game, I have received a lot of Expert advice, - no 'pay to win' - 'not too many ads' - 'focus on gameplay.'
I haven't bought anything on a game yet. On 'wordscapes,' I have watched ads to gain coins. That seems to be a winner for them.
Compared to a blog, what are Adsense for games - CPM's and CPC's like for publicity and generating revenue?

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A good metric is to imagine how you personally respond to various monetization approaches, then poll your friends to see how they respond, then create an Avatar (representation) of customers who will be paying you to consider how they respond.

For example, I automatically skip ads on YouTube, never even looking at them.

I use Ad Blockers to block browser Ads.

Just a few examples.

Ultimately you'll choose a monetization approach which matches your target customers/clients.
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David FavorFractional CTO
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You're welcome!
Games that type to monetize by simply showing ads alongside gameplay are in for a huge struggle.  The problem is, just like David says, most people are just going to skip them as soon as possible so CPMs are going to be very low, perhaps $1.  Which means if your game has 1000 DAU (daily active users) you're making around $1/day and getting to 1000 DAU will usually cost $10,000+ in marketing.  Not a great business model.

The alternative these days are incentived ads.  This is where players choose to watch an ad for a specific in game reward (like coins in wordscapes).  So players choose to go watch these ads and accept the trade if their time for the in game reward.  As a result you can get a single player who happily watches 20 video ads in a single day.  And since they're not just ignoring and trying to skip the ad, CPMs can be much higher, maybe $20.  So now your 1000 DAU game with players watching let's say 5 ads each per day and $20 CPM is making $100/day or $36k/yr.  Not a fortune but it's starting to look like a business if you can aquire those 1000 DAU for say $10k.

For these you're not generally looking at AdSense, but there's a ton of competitors in the mobile video ad space - companies like inmobi.  Search around and you'll find dozens.

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