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Hello experts - We recently had a major problem with our internet provider (Broadview) and have been down for more than 30 days.  I'm looking to switch providers but don't know where to start.  Broadview's service had been purchased through a VAR which I'd also like to get away from.  Where can I go to find out who can provide dedicated business internet service with 10 public IPs for us in my area?  I've already tried FIOS and they are not available at two of the three sites I need to connect.  I've got Comcast/Optimum as my failover already setup and need to find a primary, preferably with 100mb service.
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I'm looking to switch providers but don't know where to start.

There's only one place you can start really

Make a list of providers that serve the locations you need service in, and compare their service and pricing

I'd personally suggest staying away from fledgling (new and building out) service providers that have less than a 3 year foot print in the area.
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Well that is kind of the problem...where would I find this list of internet providers that have service in my area?  For instance, it took 4 phone calls to Verizon only to find out they don't provide FIOS in my building.  I'm looking for some kind of database that has info on what providers are available in my area.
Well that can bet a bit of a scavenger hunt with while a provider may service your city/state they may not be available in your suburb.

If I lived 4 blocks in either direction I'd have 2 more providers to choose from. It sucks

All you can do is start with a google search  with something like "internet service city/state zip" and generate a list

Most providers have an availability map on their website where by you provide your address and they'll tell you (with reasonable certainty) if they cover your area.

Assuming you're in the US (Sorry, I'm not sure about other countries)
Your local telecom (MA Bell), Verizon and Time Warner/Spectrum are usually safe bets but that's not saying there aren't additional options available

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