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jorge diaz
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Cisco Anyconnect question..

Hello experts,

We have about two years ago we purchased Cisco Anyconnect licenses, it was for version 3.x. I don't really remember why we didn't get version 4 (perhaps 3 was the up-to-date version back then). Anyhow, when I log in to the cisco portal i see that I can't download anyconnect v 4.x, I assume it's an entitlement thing. My question is this: we have another site that purchased anyconnect v4, if they give me the package files can i just upload them to my ASA or the ssl licenses are tied to a specific version?

thanks in advanced..
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Yes they will work 110% Ive done this myself hundreds of times :)

I use the same downloaded package files for all my clients, until I download a newer version. And I've seen brand new version 4 clients running from 'shonky old' ASA 5505s.
Just make sure you have enough space in Flash to hold the bigger images :)

that's encouraging.. thanks!
Pete LongTechnical Consultant

No problem

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