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On a page on my website, I have have 5 mini-players side by side, each of which played a different promotional announcement for features on the site that changed weekly. I had been using Dewplayer, as it was very easy to use, just the right size and worked well. All I had to do was to change the mp3 file for each player and that was that.

Now, with Flash getting the axe bit by bit, I need to find another such player

I thought this would be no big deal, but I haven't found anything yet that I like.

So I'm asking you experts for some help and suggestions on this, preferably players that you know first-hand and are 100% non-Flash powered.
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https://www.sitepoint.com/10-jquery-html5-audio-players/ seems like a good starting point.

I normally search for - jquery audio player - when I require an audio player.


David, thanks again for the help. The jquery suggestion was the key. I found someone to help me get it squared away and can move forward now.

Maybe I'll see you again down the road.
David FavorFractional CTO
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Glad you found a solution!

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