Additional Cost Layer in Purchase Receipts Work Table (IV10200)

John Ellis
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A GP 2018 end user reports that a posted purchase receipt for one line item of a quantity of 800 shows up twice in the Purchase Receipts Work table (IV10200) and is, therefore, causing the quantity on hand and available in GP for this item to be doubled (1,600 instead of the correct quantity of 800).

I don't want to run a delete script on this table to remove this additional layer of 800, for obvious reasons.  But, the user has already run both Purchasing and Inventory Reconcile to no effect.

What can be done to fix this?


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Hi John,

Based on my experience, Reconcile will not detect or correct data errors, orphaned records, or invalid records.  I believe that only Checklinks is able to do that.

I would recommend restoring the live DB into a test company, and then running the appropriate Purchasing Checklinks routine on the test company to see if it detects and resolves the duplicate record.  

Steve Endow


I'm afraid that the client already tried check links.

If Checklinks didn't detect and resolve the issue, then some type of manual clean up is probably the only option.  If you or the customer have concerns about removing the record, I suspect that a GP support case would be the best next step.  Who knows, they may have a support script that detects and resolves issues in that table.
The fix was to run the delete statement against the IV10200 table to remove the "duplicate" cost layer and to, afterward, run item reconcile on the item.

Hi John,

Thanks a lot for following up and posting the final resolution.  Glad that resolved the issue.


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