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WAN Automation Recovery Development

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2019-10-10
I am looking to develop an automation tool that can assist a NOC operation with WAN outage recovery without technician interaction. The automation tool will run in the lan environment (with no external access) and interact directly with the WAN interface. Please note this tool will not interact with any third party devices outside of the WAN environment. The test environment has Cisco Routers/Switches and uses Spectrum Monitoring.  Looking for suggestions on use cases and example event flow to develop on.
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Why not a kind of WAN Failover.
Works without user interaction.
Most Firewalls (ASA too) provide this feature. (We Use Sophos SG for this)
Senior Network Engineer
Top Expert 2012
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

My network is designed to fail over automatically. Dynamic routing, floating static routes, IP SLA tracked routes, etc. I don't see need for an automation tool external to the WAN gear.

You should have a senior network engineer look at the entire network diagram, and plan for how you can route around the various failure scenarios such as loss of hardware, loss of link, loss of routing protocol adjacency, upstream ISP failure, etc.

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