Interpretation of computer problem based on unclear symptoms.

nickg5 used Ask the Experts™
This is a message I got from a friend:

I have a computer problem will you come over about 4 pm and take a look
there is a yellow bar with a green bar in it and a red star in the
corner of it 100% in the bottom of it cant x out of it.

What would be your guess on what it is before I go over there to take a look.
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Hard to say

Can you have him provide a screenshot to be uploaded for us to look at?
No he does not know how to do that though I have showed him. He has Windows 7 with a disc that came with the system for an anytime conversion to Windows 10. If I can not solve it I'll post a screen shot around 4:15pm EST today.
The First example  provided in the link will work for windows xp - 10

With out being able to verify what he's looking at all I can assume is Virus or malware
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It's the monitors brightness setting window. I was able to press the (-) and get the brightness to darken. At one time I had the menu open and tried to change the setting to something else beside brightness and was able to. Reboot of the monitor does not help. The brightness bar goes on and off intermittently in the middle of the screen. The cursor goes under the bar. It's the monitor. I took a screen shot and being the brightness bar the screen shot does not show it. The monitor is very old and junk when the owner realizes it.
Simple  enough....

Good job ;)
bad outdated monitor

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