How to properly redirect internal website to new O365 Sharepoint site

Jody Davis
Jody Davis used Ask the Experts™
I have an internal sharepoint website (this site is internal only - NOT available from the web) that has been recreated in O365. I recently configured http redirect in IIS to simply point traffic for that internal server - to be redirected to

I now want to get rid of that server. I need to use internal AD DNS to:

1. Ensure any internal traffic to URL https://central.CompanyName.local (old internal site) will still be pointed to (for anyone that's still using the old URL to access the new O365 site).

2. Ensure any internal traffic to the new URL is directed to that O365 site.

How can i configure DNS to do this?
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

Create two internal DNS entries, one for central.CompanyName.local and one for  Point them both to the IP address for
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Assuming "" resolves correctly for your interal users now, you're not going to want to change anything for that.  You're not going to have any control of the SSL certificate on the O365 SharePoint site, so if you try to reach it with another name (i.e. CNAME record) you would get a SSL error, and I don't think MS allows you access using a different name anyway.  So really your options are to maintain a server to do a redirect like you currently have, or educate your users on the new URL.  DNS can't solve this for you.

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