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How to delay (timer) screen shot with iPadOS

How to delay (timer) screen shot with iPadOS

I want to take screen shot of Afffinity Photo screen which requires holding down key to reveal Help text.

How do I delay (using timer) screen shot with iPadOS while pressing ? icon to preserve Help text on screen.
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There is NO time delay screenshot feature on iOS I'm afraid ..  the previous post was for OSX on a desktop or laptop which is irrelevant.

On iOS the options are

1. Use the built in screen recorder to take a video, THEN export the video to an app to export a single frame, or pause the video at the right point and then take a screenshot of the video frame.

2. Sometimes .. depending on the iOS device (iPad or iPhone) if there's a home button you can borrow an extra finger from someone and choreograph the pressing to capture what you want .. or use another device to grab an image of the screen .

3. Fake it .. it is not unusual to have to edit the screenshot in a Photo editing app and overlay a mock-up of the dialog or tooltip if there is no way to screengrab it
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Thanks for good ideas - good help!
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There may be a way to do what you want by using the assistive touch feature. Set it up under Settings->Accessibility and set Screenshot at the Long Press custom action, enable Assistive Touch. With one finger hold down the item to show the help text. With another finger keep the Assistive Touch button pressed until it takes a screenshot. There is about a 2 second delay before the screenshot it taken.