Dell Laptop Says Wrong Power Adapter

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The user suddenly got a message saying that the power adapter for their Inspiron 15-3565 Laptop  couldn't charge their computer.
Dell Charging Error
I had them shut down the Laptop.  When it came back on, there was no message anymore.  HOWEVER, yesterday they shut down and that didn't help.

Is the problem with the adapter, the motherboard, Windows 10?

How do I proceed?   Replacement 3rd party adapters are cheap enough, if that's the problem.

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I've had this issue in the past on different laptops.  If you are certain the power adapter is plugged in all the way to the laptop and the power cords are plugged in firmly and you are still getting this error it means the power adapter needs to be replaced.  
You will want to go with a Dell specific power adapter or one that has the same specs.  Be careful with 3rd parties.  If it isn't the same power output you will keep getting that error.
William FulksSystems Analyst & Webmaster

Most likely it is the power adapter, but you could try plugging it into a different outlet just in case. If you are using a power strip I have seen those outlets burn out before. Also check the connectors to make sure dust or lint didn't get up inside there.
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Replacement 3rd party adapters are cheap ...

Indeed they are, but Dell systems now talk to their AC adapters using a two-wire protocol and will either refuse to charge, or charge at the lowest possible rate, when a non-Dell adapter is supplied.  Better to go to your local computer recycler and get a genuine Dell adapter.  Most recyclers will gladly sell you all the Dell adapters you want at about half the cost of an ebay special.

The only way to find out where the problem is, is to get another Dell adapter of the same type, set the original aside, and see if the problem goes away and stays gone.  If the problem doesn't go away then there's a problem on the motherboard.
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you can also measure the adaptor output - it should read 19 V - it can be failing...


Good to know about the cheap adapters.

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