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Hello Experts,

Recently I have had reports that customers can make $0 Value  purchases with the default 1111 promo from https://cart.citysightseeingtoronto.com/

I realize that now if you leave all passengers as 0 you can still continue, I will fix this. However, real purchases with >0 passengers (not just infants) are going through with $0 being charged.

Is anyone able to make such $0 purchases? If so, I would greatly appreciate how to replicate/fix. I would also appreciate if I can get  the confirmation number they get, so that I can void it.

Since this is coming from the general public, I do not have the type of browser used, etc. As you'll also note this is a legacy app in Classic ASP, but if needed, I was hoping if someone can give e a pointer on how to get and store the client (browser) info,  so I can add it to a field for analysis? I'm  drawing a blank, would this be a part of the equivalent of $_SERVER, or js header()?

Any help will be appreciated.
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You will need to change the logical of your cart and your promo code.
You will need server side validation to check if a minimum one field is checked (at least one passenger)
and if children and infant need to be with an adult/senior, then if infant/children is select check if at least one adult/senior is checked.

so it will do the calculation to get sub total
then you apply the coupon, you should validate server side what is required to apply the rebate.
then if it meet the requirement subtotal minus the rebate = new subtotal
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Hi lenemtl,

As mentioned, even real passengers are getting through with $0
You have to check your code logic, and server side validation
I mean you should get the subtotal minus the promo code after the validation is done
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I should mention that this cart was OK for ~10 years, and $0 is applied for real passengers,

Now  I'm seeing a trans for 2 Adults + 2 Students + 1 Child for  $0 using promo 1111.

Also note, I can see that there are 560 such transactions  out of 218,234 so the majority are going through.
I was able to get these info about the application and web server

Parallels Plesk Panel
Web server IIS 8.5

Open in new window

When a code stop from working correctly the cause can be:
-New server (the installation get moved and the new server have not the same configuration)
-Web server changes (configuration, version) this often happens and share hosting
-DB version change this often happens and share hosting
-The bug was there but never found before this can be possible
-The Promo code if new is not well setup
-New browser can also break some Javascript (I have not see any error in console only a notice)
A cookie associated with a cross-site resource at http://doubleclick.net/ was set without the `SameSite` attribute.

I would check IIS, sql and ASP logs

I would check with dev the server side validation ASP code.
I would check with IT guy if any changes on the server or webserver.

By the way link is not working (note you should hide server info)

Requested URL         https://cart.citysightseeingtoronto.com:443/Privacy-Policy.html
Physical Path         C:.....\citysightseeingtoronto.com\cart.citysightseeingtoronto.com\Privacy-Policy.html

I would open a ticket to the hosting company so they can check for you if you do not have access to the server
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I just did a condition, If promo = 1111 AND total = 0 Then doon't show receript.

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