Faster response on Sql with Pervasive

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In vb6 I use SQL like e.g.  select * from DEBNAW where ucase(DEBNAME1) LIKE '%JAN%'
on stand alone Pc its fast 600 returns and displayed and sorted in 1  second
on network  Vmware ,  same call 3 seconds ,  users complain about this
would this be possible to speed up??[
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lcohanDatabase Analyst

on network  Vmware ,  same call 3 seconds ,  users complain about this
Kindly what is on "network vmware"? Is it your SQL Server or the Client running it?


Pervasive Windows Server standard 2016   runs on Hyperware hardware this is the Sql server
All Host Windows 10-pro run on Vmware hardware esx 6.7  as clients
President and Btrieve Guru
Your simple query is not ordering the data.  This tells me that you are retrieving the entire data set, and tghen ordering it yourself.  You could try adding the ORDER BY clause and allow the SQL engine to order the data for you.  Sometimes this is faster, sometimes slower.  Also, VB/SQL speed may be dependent on using Client-Side versus Server-Side cursors.  How do you have this query running?

To REALLY tell, you should set up a network analyzer and capture the traffic from the client to the server, and this will tell you a bit more abouit where all the time is going (and how many network round trips are actually needed for this function).

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