applying a css class to core asp-controller anchor tag

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I have a Asp.Net Core Application.

On one of my views I have an anchor tag like this this.

<a asp-controller="Speaker"
   asp-action="Index">All Speakers</a>

i have a CSS class that looks like this:

.LinkStyle1 a:link { color: #0000FF; }

Is there a way to add this class style to the asp-controller link tag?

One way that works is like this:

<span class=“LinkStyle1”><a asp-controller="Speaker"
   asp-action="Index">All Speakers</a></span>

Is there a better way to apply a css class to this asp-controller tag?
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IF your intention is to change only some of your links, then you approach is the correct one.

Note: Otherwise for all links in your page you should use:
a:link { color: #0000FF; }

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