Gboard return key turns into a send key unexpectedly

Ted Penner
Ted Penner used Ask the Experts™
Google's keyboard replacement is excellent because it contains both a clipboard tool as well as a tool for inserting gifs.

However, it poses a challenge that I have been unable to resolve so far.

If I am forwarding an e-mail and go to "insert text", There appears to be no way to move the existing text to the next line.

This is because of the blue button on the keyboard that starts out as a 'new-line' or 'return' key, but changes to a 'send' key instead.

Thanks for Nobus for correcting my terminology here.

Assistance in further clarifying the potential solution to this problem is greatly appreciated.
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>>   a return key changes from a return key to a forward key  <<  i suppose you mean it changes into a "SEND" key - and the mail is directly sent
that's normal
i found this :    
Use Gboard dictionary to insert a newline
In the shortcut textbox type nl (or a word of your choice) and then press back. Now, whenever you want to insert a newline, type nl and select the empty text Gboard suggest

this can help also :
and lastly, i foundd this :
Go to your Android Settings > Language And Input > "Personal dictionary"
Create a new entry
Make sure your I-cursor is flashing in the "Type a word" field
Click your microphone input key
Say "new line" aloud
Wait a second (sometimes there is a lag)
The example text (usually "Type a word") will disappear.
If you say "new line" more than once it will create multiple line breaks (possibly useful for those creating stupid hilarious YouTube comments on your phone)
In the "Optional shortcut" field type something like newline.
I chose mm since it's short and close to the space bar. I don't type mmhm often.
Go back to the dictionary settings page, and "newline" should show up in your dictionary list
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what did you try - and what were the exact results?
Ted PennerSoftware Engineer


I did not know what you meant by "shortcut text box" but I just now checked my phone again after an update and the phone is no longer exhibiting this behavior of prematurely changing to the send key. So all is well in the world. Thank you again.
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you're welcome

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