duplication in Active Directory: backup VM turned on which is a DC, so had 2 of the same DC online briefly

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hey guess, we had a muck up.
The backup server accidentally turned on a VM thats a domain controller (hostname ADFS which is win2008r2), so we had 2 of the same VM running at the sametime, so it caused a duplicate existence -  Active Directory and replication didn't like that (also the GC got messed)
note: main DC is called NEWDC (win2016)
here's what DCDIAG and dcdiag-failure.txt

here is repadmin - repadmin-fail.txt

1) I ran repadmin /showrepl and it showed replication failure, so i thought resetting the burflags for replication would help. I did this article for non-authoritative restore.
   a) after this atleast the repadmin /showrepl command showed all Replication - Succesfull but later when i reset the server it all failed again. Replication will go back and forth between failed and success. Currently at 930pm it shows 'successful' but it will fail again. repadmin-success.png dcdiag-flipssuccessfulshortly.txt
2) when running DCdiag it gave a list of errors including SYSVOL not being online, LocatorCheck, all failing.
3) when i try to open Active Directory and Users on any DC it gives AD-not-opening.png

Whats the best way we can get replication to start from the other NEWDC and fix ADFS??
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so far since 930pm repadmin /showrepl has shown success.
but I still get the 'Active Directory Domain Services' error where I can't open AD Users + Computers
1) run dcdiag /v /e to get a more detailed report.

2) If you've got 1 working DC, you could forcefully remove the non - working one and rebuild it.
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Yes, we ended up getting the one dc turned back on with Burflags, then we had to manually clean out an old DC that was missing from the previous admins anyways.
Also then enabled DNS scavenging on the server to clean up the DNS server.
And disalbed all IPV6 to help the servers sort out address/name.
Thanks Mike

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