Respond with a text message automatically

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Respond with a text message automatically.

I have been brainstorming for a while regarding wording that is least likely to upset even the most demanding person or client and I am getting closer.

I have come up with this auto-text message so far:  

I am sorry that I missed your call. Since this phone is currently set up for outgoing calls and text messages only, please respond with a text. This will give me a chance to wrap up whatever I am in the middle of, and give your call the undivided attention that it deserves. Thank you for understanding and I look forward to talking with you.

What are your thoughts about the approach to the auto-response and how can I implement it so that it happens automatically, after x rings, or after I have forced it to be passed to the caller even sooner.

This approach is intended to make communication clear more effective for both parties.
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I think your text is excellent. I in terms of the how, it depends on the device. Android or iPhone? Although you could use a device independent app like IFTTT.
Ted PennerSoftware Engineer


Thanks Thomas. IFTTT sounds like a potentially good solution here.

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