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what is needed to put Sharepoint in cluster?
I have a single Sharepoint (foundation) server and single SQL standard.
Is it possible to put foundation server in cluster?Do I need load balancers?
What do I need to build sharepoint cluster?
Thank you
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Jeff GloverSr. Systems Administrator

Can you be more specific on what you need? What version of SharePoint? Do you want to add another Sharepoint server? Do you want a SQL cluster? What type of cluster?
  You can add a SharePoint server to a SharePoint farm (yes, even a single server is a farm) just by running the configuration wizard and choosing the existing database server and config database. SQL is a little more complex to do. Easier to do if from the start.


I need to plan a budget for Sharepoint cluster.
I have single Sharepoint foundation server and single sql standard.
Is it possible to put foundation server in cluster or do I need Sharepoint standard and enterprise licence?
Do I need load balancers for sharepoint cluster?
Sr. Systems Administrator
So, going from what you provided. SharePoint does not "Cluster" so to say but uses a Farm model. Multiple Sharepoint servers pointed to the same configuration and content databases. SharePoint Foundation is a limited version of the real product but Foundation 2013 (not sure about older versions) can be installed just like a normal SharePoint farm. Since you are using SQL standard, you should be able to add servers to the farm. Just install SharePoint and point it to the existing Database server and Config DB. You will know if you can when you run the Configuration Wizard on the new server. It should (I emphasize should. I work with Enterprise SharePoint only) allow you to join an existing farm. If so, then just join your farm (you will need the passphrase you used on the initial server install to add servers) and you will have multiple servers in SharePoint. You really do not have to use a load balancer, you can use DNS load balancing if needed however, I recommend you use a good Layer 7 HW load balancer.
  SQL clustering will be limited by the version of SQL standard (2 node Failover cluster only)

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