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A few years ago we looked at a product named IE Tab for Chrome by Blackfish.  Back then, we weren't convinced of the security because, from what we understood, ulnerabilities of the IE version you selected would be present.

We are revisiting the solution due to the ease of use it offers our users but the jury is still out on the security of it.

Security experts, what are your thoughts? Any recommendations on security settings for it? Are there any other products or methods you would recommend in it's place?

Thanks again,
Steph M
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IETab does NOT eliminate the need for plugins that sites requiring IE may need. So you still may have to have things like Java and Silverlight installed (even if you remove IE itself). Your machine is still open to risk if the actual site that you need IETab for is actually infected. (Non-IETab authorized sites are pushed back to Chrome, but this assumes you're using the enterprise mechanism where you're using Group Policy and all)

There's plenty that the documentation doesn't tell you... so I highly recommend having detailed questions to ask the developer. (I've personally talked to him, and he seems to be attentive in terms of emails.. gets back to you within a reasonable timeframe)

If I recall right, Compatibility Mode is one of the IE features that you do not have access to in IETab. They actually tell you to install IE if that is a requirement.

Long story short, you will get rid of SOME vulnerabilities, but definitely not all of them. Key is to make sure that users don't have access to IE directly. (This certainly isn't an IETab issue, but you get my point)


Thank you for the feedback. We are starting testing on this and it helpful to have some areas to key into.
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No problem. My employer is in the process of evaluating it as well. Maybe share notes?

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