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How to give standard Mac users ability to install updates

Stephen Andrews
We have started giving users the option to work off of a Mac instead of PC but an annoying issue has come up.

Unlike in the PC world where users can install Windows Updates, admin credentials are needed for Mac users to install updates.  Is there a way for standard users to install Mac updates other that entering admin credentials or having their accounts changed to admin accounts?

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Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac handy right now to fully check this.

One way would be to use Unix permissions to add the users to a particular group, and make sure the /Applications/ folder and all its sub-folders have write permissions for the group.  The installers should then be able to write in the /Applications/ folder without needing to prompt for admin access to write to the folder.

Actually, Mac system software updates can be installed without being admin on the system.  You'd only need permissions for installing App updates.
Fractional CTO
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You have 2x choices.

1) Provide the admin password to normal users.

2) Somehow attempt to hack the directories /Applications + /System + /Library to somehow allow non-admin users to install updates.

#1 is secure + easy + works for all updates.

#2 is insecure + complex (will take a massive amount of time to setup/manage) + will only work for some updates.

Tip: Updates install code into admin owned directories, so require an admin login to install.